FAQ | Pre-Show Tickets

Can I get pre-show tickets without signing up for the Kingsletter? 
  • Yes. We will start selling the $50 tickets on Friday, May 12th but because tickets are limited, we cannot guarantee that there will be any tickets left by the time they're open to the public. 
When will I be able to sign up for the Kingsletter?
  • Starting Thursday, May 11th! 

How do I sign up for Kingsletter?

  • We'll post the link here on Thursday, May 11th
Will there be a limit on how many people can claim GA tickets when they buy the $99.99 yearly subscription?
  • Yes. If we’ve hit the limit for a venue, we will list it in the pre-show sign up form so that you know that it’s no longer an option.
What if I want a pre-show ticket to more than one show? 
  • We could accommodate that if you’d like to do the $99.99 option and choose two dates for the pre-show instead of adding a plus one or GA ticket. Please email us at mail@kingskaleidoscope.com if you'd like to do that.
  • Or you could purchase a $50 to the other show once tickets go on sale Friday, May 12th.
Can I buy the subscription as a gift?
  • Yes! There's a gift option when signing up.